Somebody have spread alarmistic ,unjustified and unfounded rumours about Von Willebrand’s disease and others.

I confirm what I have already said on this subject: I have, the duty as President of ATAVI and Senior President of UMAVI to inform myself and the breed’s lovers on scientific basis.

I want to complete the scientific information already reported with some general considerations coming from fifty years and intense experience as a cynotechnical breeder:

– breeding the chosen breed with zootechnical responsibility means selecting the best subjects to be used for reproduction;

– in order to be properly implemented, selection must aim to produce dogs that fully meet the morpho-characterial standard and are healthy both physically then mentally.

It is clear that dogs of any breed or not, can arise pathologies of various nature.

The experienced breeder knows how to eradicate them with appropriate selection by limiting or – depending  of the case – eliminating the reproductive use of the subjects concerned.

–  Is not exact to speak of “breed pathologies” when they are limited to a few subjects coming from a clearly identifiable blood line.

– There are many factors that determine the onset of certain diseases.

Among them we remember:

– the introduction of subjects of a similar race done to attempt an empirical bloodshed.

If the subjects of similar race are carriers of such a pathology, the same pathology will be strengthened by the effect of the successive couplings carried out in consanguinity.

– We remember that consanguinity does not create anything but enhances and exalts what it finds.

– To the genetic combinability (imponderable factor also in the more shrewd study of the couplings) can be attributable the appearance of even lethal or subletal genes.

Therefore, given the plurality of selective factors that must be considered, it is not correct to “demonize” such a disease by creating unjustifiable alarmism that also risk feeding sterile disquisitions by those who have no experience of breeding either theoretically or practically.

– If then a breeder wants to have some of his subjects perform laboratory tests, the results can be made known as information.

I confirm, it is illogical to create alarm, especially in the case of the Italian Volpino it is a breed healthy and long-life

Fabrizio Bonanno