Historical notice

As all of our autochthonous breeds, our Volpino Italiano boasts very ancient origins.

The stock from which all the fox-like breeds, as all the breeds listed in the 5th F.C.I. group, originate from, is the Canis Familiaris Palustris which lived in the Stone Age.

By time th local selection gave life, to the many current different breeds of nowadays, as Samoyed, Finnish Spitz, Norsk Elghund, Japanese Spitz, Belgian Shipperke, German Spitz (divided into miniature: zwerg=toy, klein, medium=mittel, big=grosse, and biggest= wolfspitz).

The Volpino Italiano, after centuries of fame, almost disappeared due, among to the other oddity imposed by fashion, but he was saved from oblivion, thanks to the hard job of Mr. Enrico Franceschetti, and a bunch of other skillful breeders, whose work will always remain in the history of Italian and world’s dog lovers.

The Volpino Italiano in both its variety, red and white, is nowadays well bred by a handful of enthusiast breeders, who desire to share their common patrimony, keeping in touch with oneanother and located in various part of the world. This desire of all the Italian breeders, none except, give life to ATAVI (Associazione Tecnica Amatori Volpino Italiano). All the owners and breeders of Volpino Italiano are invited to join the association, who is determinated to safeguard, protect, enhance and promote the qualitative breed spreading.

On March 5th, 2010, E.N.C.I. (Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana) recognized A.T.A.V.I. as the breed’s specialized association.

A.T.A.V.I.’s aim is to create a serene and constructive atmosphere and, at the same time, a lively and collaborative exchange of opinions.


Il presidente

Fabrizio Bonanno